One of the best ways to experience intercultural learning is traveling to another country.¬† ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ encourages all students to study abroad.¬† The Global Education Center (GEC) can assist students and their families in selecting a best-fit program.

The ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ Center programs are ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ‚Äôs signature opportunities.¬† They are offered in partnership with organizations abroad.¬† The students will be with other ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ students and typically have the support of an ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ faculty member on-site.¬† This gives students and faculty an enriching experience.

If you are concerned about not having time to study abroad, Short-term programs are available that typically focus on a specific subject area. One or more program leaders travel with a cohort of ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ students to learn and explore together.

Click here, for more detailed information on the GEC’s Study Abroad homepage.