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¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ is a top study abroad program. Again and again.

For 18 years, ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ has been ranked #1 for study abroad in the Institute of International Education‚Äôs annual¬†

76%of students participated in global study at least once
160+global study programs
50+countries represented

¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ continues to make progress toward its goal of achieving 100 percent access to a global engagement experience, with the university expanding financial aid and study abroad scholarships to assist students who cannot afford the cost of the experience.

Get your passport ready. ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ’s best study abroad program is waiting.

¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ provides long- and short-term global opportunities for students in every major.

¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ students, dressed in waders and carrying buckets, head toward a mountain in Puerto Natales, Chili, during a study abroad experience.

Where on earth can I study?

College is a time for learning‚ÄĒbut no one said you have to do it all in the same zip code. Studying away from ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ can take place around the world and throughout the United States.

  • North & Central America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Middle East & North Africa
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Oceania
What are the best study abroad programs? They are at ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ where this student stands in Elephant's Eye Cave in Cape Town, South Africa, taking in a gorgeous view of land, water and a beautiful blue sky..

When can I go? And what types of programs are there?

You will study abroad. The only questions are when, where and how often?

Short-term: Winter Term, summer, semester-long or a year

There are three types of programs:

  • ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ faculty-led, short-term
  • ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ Global Centers (four abroad, four U.S.)
  • Affiliate and exchange
Students participate in one of ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ's best study abroad programs in Tanzania. They stand at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro holding an ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ banner, bundled up and surrounded by snow.

What’s Winter Term all about?

¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ‚Äôs 4-1-4 academic calendar allows multiple opportunities to study away, especially during Winter Term. There are more than 50 program options to globally or throughout the United States in Study USA, including programs such as:

  • Barbados: Culture, Politics and Society
  • China: The Flying Dragon
  • Costa Rica: Language, Culture and Ecotourism
  • Florida: Happiest Place? The Science of Happiness at Disney
  • France: Eat, Pray, Love: Sacred Space and the Place of Religion
  • Great Structures of Europe: Technology and History
  • Greece: Classics in Context
  • Hawaii: Nation or State? In Search of Hawaiian Identity
  • Malawi: The Warm Heart of Africa
  • Tanzania: Wilderness and Adventure Therapy
  • Vietnam: Business and Culture
What are the best study abroad programs? ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ study abroad programs. Two female students, holding coffee cups with pink lids, stand in front a red tour bus while studying abroad in England.

What about longer-term options?

Semester ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ global centers are tailor-made for our students.

Study Abroad

  • Dunedin, New Zealand: Develop skills for teaching the next generation of students
  • London, United Kingdom: Compare two countries linked by language and history
  • Florence, Italy: Explore the roots of Western civilization

Study USA

  • ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ in Charlotte (fall, spring and summer)
  • ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ in Los Angeles (fall, spring and summer)
  • ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ in New York City (fall, spring and summer)
  • ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ in Washington, D.C. (fall, spring and summer)
An ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ student stands on a cobblestone street in Rome during a study abroad experience.

Are there more programs to consider?

In ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ‚Äôs more than 80 partner and exchange programs, you take part in a study abroad program hosted with an educational affiliate. Here are some of the opportunities available:

  • Amman, Jordan: Middle East Studies or Arabic Language
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands: International Perspectives on Sexuality & Gender
  • Barcelona, Spain: Language & Culture or Business & Culture or Economics & Culture or Liberal Arts
  • Prague, Czech Republic: Business & Economics or Central European Studies or Jewish Studies or Film Studies or New Media Studies
  • Rabat, Morocco: Multiculturalism & Human Rights
  • Serbia, Bosnia, and Kosovo: Peace & Conflict Studies in the Balkans
  • Turks and Caicos Islands: Marine Resource Management Studies or Fundamentals of Marine Conversation or Marine Megafauna
An ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ students stands with Ban Po Tha Pagoda 10000 Buddhas, Kek Lok Si Temple complex, behind him during time in Penang, Malaysia.

Semester at Sea:
‘I gained a lot of insights’

Name: Jack Sheppard

Majors: Sport Management

Minor: Business Administration and Coaching

Where: Experienced Europe, Africa and Asia

‚ÄúI gained a lot of insights from the experience. I got firsthand exposure to diverse cultures, customs and traditions as I visited multiple countries during the program. One of my classes was oceanography and for our field class we went snorkeling in the Mediterranean Sea and learned how the coral reefs were being impacted by climate change.¬†¬†”

An ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ student with long braids and her left arm outstretched sits on a rock that overlooks Cape Town, South Africa, while taking advantage of one of ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ's best study abroad programs.

Cape Town, South Africa:
‘A unique opportunity’

Name: Keiarra Bray

Major: Cinema & Television Arts, Journalism

≤—ĺĪ≤‘ī«įý≤ű:ŐżLeadership Studies

Where: Cape Town, South Africa

‚ÄúStudying abroad created such a unique opportunity to not only learn in communities different from my own but also provided the opportunity to have conversations that broaden my perspectives on social, cultural and political issues. Cape Town, South Africa, is such a beautiful city with such valuable history, and each day I was there I was able to gain new insight into what it meant to be a Capetonian.‚ÄĚ

A row of ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ students jumping in the air on sand in Dubai

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