¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ

Why Inclusive Excellence?

Inclusive excellence is foundational to ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ. The founders aspired to build a ‚Äúcollege for the world,‚ÄĚ an academic community that transforms mind, body and spirit and encourages freedom of thought and liberty of conscience.

This mission is achieved in part through fostering respect for human differences. All who have elected to be part of this academic community have in effect committed to its mission, thus, are called on to pursue and enact Inclusive Excellence.

Vision Statement

In today‚Äôs multicultural society, we embrace our shared responsibility to achieve an even better version of the founders‚Äô vision. Inclusive Excellence is ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ‚Äôs framing of diversity, equity, inclusion and other constructs that support belonging and well-being. The Division of Inclusive Excellence aims to create a community where people strive to dismantle oppression and where individuals flourish.

Boldly ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ

Boldly ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ, the university‚Äôs strategic plan for 2030, sets ever-higher standards for mentoring and student success to transform students and prepare ethical, resilient and agile graduates who shape the future. The previous strategic plan, the ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ Commitment, declared an unprecedented commitment to diversity and global engagement. As a result, ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ is measurably better across many dimensions and is more inclusive and representative of our world. This impressive progress has created a strong foundation for the critical work ahead.

One of the four core themes of Boldly ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ, Thrive, centers on building a healthier and more diverse, equitable and inclusive community, where all students, faculty and staff experience belonging and well-being.

A student speaking to a group at a Student Government Association meeting.

A People of Inclusive Excellence

We are a learning community grounded in empathetic human connections, and we get better by valuing human differences. The result is a collective strength derived from people of diverse identities, abilities and perspectives.

To continually expand the diversity of our community, we reach out to invite people of all backgrounds to join the ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ family and contribute their unique gifts.

A large group of students throwing brightly colored powders into the air at a Holi celebration.

Paradigm of Inclusive Excellence

Our inclusive worldview is the basis for our curricula and services. This pluralistic orientation reflected in pedagogies, programs and policies bolsters the success of our people and informs our work toward the common good.

Through a fierce commitment to learning and serving, we give students, faculty and staff tools they need to thrive in an increasingly diverse and complex world.

A student signing a poster at the Call to Honor event.

Praxis of Inclusive Excellence

We have an unwavering commitment to translate our developing knowledge to action with shared accountability that leads to positive cross-cultural engagement at all times and in all places.

We hold each other accountable for setting goals, defining strategies and taking actions that continually move our community forward to becoming more pluralistic and just.