¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ

In their own words

Meaningful relationships with faculty mentors. A rigorous curriculum grounded in the arts and sciences. A tight-knit community. A beautiful, welcoming campus. The opportunity to study abroad, do undergraduate research, take on leadership roles, participate in service or land the internship of a lifetime. There are so many reasons why students choose ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ.

Brandon Halvorsen

Major: Musical Theatre

‚ÄúAs soon as I stepped foot on campus, I fell in love and had this gut feeling that this was it, this was where I was supposed to be. I chose ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ because of its prestige in terms of the field of study that I had been dreaming of pursuing since I was a little child. It had been ranked in the top 10 of universities in the country with the best musical theatre programs. The success rate of people graduating from the program was extremely comforting to me, and not only is the training amazing here, the care, love and passion that the professors have for the craft and for each of their students is so inspiring.‚ÄĚ

Thida Kim

Major: Human Service Studies and Project Management

‚Äú¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ is a great choice for me. ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ is the perfect size. It is small enough for you to keep seeing familiar faces and big enough to make new friends when you join a new organization or visit different parts of campus. I love the small class sizes and access to campus resources, faculty and staff.‚ÄĚ

Raleigh Jones

Major: Strategic Communications

‚ÄúWhen I participated in ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ in NY, I interned at EP+Co., an ad agency headquartered in Greenville, S.C. I worked in the strategy department and really loved it. I was able to see firsthand what it takes to be an effective account planner. I also got a chance to see other positions within the agency. After connecting with a few employees there, I realized my strength was in writing copy and this experience has now put me on a path to explore copywriting as well.‚ÄĚ

Natalie Green

Major: Strategic Communications

‚ÄúEveryone at ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ is invested in the success of its students and working to make my college experience the best it can possibly be. That is what I love most about being at ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ. I am more than glad that I made the decision to attend ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ.‚ÄĚ

Jared Mayerson

Major: Cinema & Television Arts

‚ÄúAt ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ, I know my classmates and I know my professors. I get good experiences and feedback in the classroom because of the small class sizes. Also, there is so much to do here. I've participated in many student organizations and get to work on short films, TV shows and news broadcasts. I've also been able to travel to Park City, Utah, for the Sundance Film Festival and Geneva, Switzerland, to edit research interviews at the United Nations headquarters.‚ÄĚ

Kelly Valerio

Major: Strategic Communications and Business Management

‚ÄúWhile at ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ, I‚Äôve had the opportunity to study abroad for a semester in Florence. The experience exceeded my expectations. I was so fortunate to have gone. People always say that studying abroad changes you and that it is a life-changing experience. I certainly felt that way.‚ÄĚ

Fabio P. Brigag√£o

Major: Management

‚ÄúParticipating in study abroad is by far one of my most memorable experiences as an ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ student. Due to these opportunities, I‚Äôve had the pleasure of interacting and learning about other cultures. I‚Äôve challenged myself to get out of my comfort zone. After every experience, I felt as though I became more mature, knowledgeable, independent and globally engaged.‚ÄĚ

Alexander Fike

Major: Human Service Studies

‚ÄúWhere you will spend your college years is a hard decision, and I thought about it a lot in high school as I knew I wanted to be in the United States. I was nervous to be half a world away from my family but touring ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ was a game-changer for me. I saw myself here and I knew that if I was going to be 10,000 miles away from my family, ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ was where I wanted to be.‚ÄĚ