¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ

Get to know ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ.

Explore our spectacular campus. Get a glimpse of the rigorous academics and innovative classroom and lab spaces. See why students study abroad, engage in research, delve into internships, take on leadership roles and give back to the community. Watch ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ’s video tour and learn what it would be like to experience all of this for yourself.



Get started from day one.

From the moment you step onto campus, you’ll be engaged in experiential learning experiences that you can take from the classroom to the lab, an internship and around the world.


Find your ideal place for learning.

From weather to restaurants, proximity to the mountains or beaches, innovative facilities and a beautiful campus, ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ is the perfect place to attend college.


Immerse yourself in academics that have impact.

Close mentoring relationships, academic rigor, undergraduate research, collaboration and innovation are at the heart of an ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ education.

¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ Experiences

Apply classroom lessons to firsthand experiences.

¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ‚Äôs five ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ Experience ‚Äď study abroad, undergraduate research, internships, leadership and service ¬≠‚Äď provide a wealth of opportunities that ensure you’ll stand out when applying for jobs or graduate school.

Student Life

This is the place where you belong.

More than 250 student organizations, a rich campus life and a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion ensure that everyone at ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ has the chance to grow and thrive.


Join a campus community rooted in traditions.

From the symbolic acorn students receive at New Student Convocation¬† to College Coffee every Tuesday morning, ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ‚Äôs traditions bring the campus community together and create an immediate feeling of belonging.


Transforming students on the field and in the classroom.

Student-athletes excel on and off the field with the support of faculty, staff and the entire ¬“¬◊ ”∆Ķ community.